How To Feed A Raw Dog Food Diet

Starting a Don Doggy raw dog food diet is the best switch you can make for your dog. To make the switch you’ll want to slowly transition your dog by following our 4-week step-by-step process. This will ensure the smoothest introduction to a raw dog food diet for your pooch.

If your dog has been eating processed foods/kibble for a long time, switching to a raw dog food diet will come as a slight shock to their digestive system. We recommend feeding your dog the same Don Doggy formula for at least the first month to minimize the impact on their stomachs. Remember, this is a new change for them, so they take some time to acclimate to their new diet.  

Once your dog has adjusted to the first source of protein, you can introduce a different formula to their diet, if you would like — again, giving them at least a week to adjust. In addition to introducing your dog to different Don Doggy raw dog food formulas, you can also provide them with Don Doggy snacks, perhaps a turkey neck or a bone.

Bones provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation and dental benefits! 

Rich Follow These Guidelines When Transitioning Your Dog From Kibble To A Raw Dog Food Diet:

Select the right Don Doggy formula for your dog & thaw it in your fridge for 24-48 hours before feeding.

Phase 1: Begin the transition by first feeding 25% of Don Doggy raw dog food & 75% of the old food for a week.

Phase 2: Next, move on to 50% Don Doggy raw dog food & 50% old dog food for another week

Phase 3: Then you can advance to 75% Don Doggy raw dog food & 25% old dog food for another week. 

Phase 4: Finally, feeding 100% Don Doggy raw dog food! 

Detox Symptoms

Got diarrhea? Itchy, dry skin? Abnormal stool? Don't panic! 

It's not uncommon during the transition to experience some detox symptoms. Your dog's body goes through a bit of detox when switching from processed foods/kibble to fresh food.

All of these symptoms are entirely normal when transitioning to a raw diet. While this may worry some pet owners, this is a positive thing. Many people call this getting "unsick." Your dog will be purging toxins that have built up from a processed/kibble diet. These symptoms should resolve themselves once new cells replace the old unhealthy ones! 

How Much To Feed A Raw Dog Food Diet

There are many ways to calculate how much to feed your dog daily! Some people choose to base it on kCals (Calories for Dogs). Some decide to calculate based on Body Weight! We suggest feeding 2-5% of your dog's body weight daily to make it simple for you.

Remember, just like humans, every dog is different and has a unique metabolism. This also differs depending on age, size, breed, health, and activity level. With this in mind, it is important to monitor your dog and adjust the amount you are feeding them as needed.

Safe Handling Tips

To ensure your safety when feeding raw, use the same safe handling practices you would use when preparing your pup's raw meats: exercise basic hygiene, wash your hands, and sanitize surfaces after use. 

Wash all surfaces that the meat touches, including countertops, food bowls, utensils, scissors, and hands with hot soapy water immediately after handling.Keep raw food in the freezer, and thaw in the refrigerator as needed.

Freeze & Thaw Tips

Thaw a Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co. bag in your refrigerator 24-48 hours before raw feeding. 

Transfer excess food to a food storage container for easy access.