Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Necessary To Cook The Meat?

No. A Don Doggy Raw Dog Food diet is intended to be fed in its natural state. It is not necessary to cook; simply thaw, portion, and feed. Cooking raw food destroys some nutrients.

2. Are Raw Dog Food Diets Safe?

They sure are! Remember, this is what your dog was designed to eat, dogs have a shorter digestive tract and higher levels of acidity in their digestive system. They naturally have the ability to tolerate a higher level of bacteria than humans.  While a dog is on a raw dog food diet the acidity level in their stomachs is also very high, which makes it an undesirable environment for bacteria to survive. A human grade raw dog food diet is not just safe for dogs, it’s ideal!

3. How Should A Raw Meat Diet Be Defrosted, Stored, And Handled?

Defrost in the refrigerator, on the bottom shelf, in a sealed container – do not defrost in the microwave. Once defrosted, the raw meat diet can be kept in the fridge for a maximum of one day (always check the packaging) and should be kept in the fridge until ready to serve. Handle a raw meat diet in the same way you would any other raw meat - thoroughly wash your hands before and after use in warm soapy water. Between meals, bowls should be thoroughly washed.

4. Is It Safe For My Puppy To Eat Raw Food?

They certainly can. We recommend transition a puppy to raw food after 16 weeks. The earlier you start your puppy on a fresh raw diet, the more they will benefit in the long run. The transition from kibble to Don Doggy raw dog food should be done slowly with puppies to avoid upsetting their stomachs. We suggest adding 10% raw dog food to their kibble daily until your pet is on 100% raw dog food.

5. Is There Any Reason Why Raw Food Should Not Be Fed To A Dog?

Every dog is unique, and what works for one may not work for another, but there is no reason why raw food cannot be fed to a dog. After all, they are carnivores! However, some medical conditions necessitate the use of prescription diets as part of their treatment. In these cases, your veterinarian will advise you on the best diet for your dog.

6. What Is The Best Way To Get A Picky Dog To Eat Raw Food?

A dog that has been eating kibble and is used to a low-protein, high-carbohydrate, and low-moisture diet will have a more difficult time transitioning to a raw food diet. Smaller dogs appear to be pickier than larger dogs more often than not. One solution is to serve it on a plate or in a different location. It's critical to be enthusiastic about feeding your dog since they will pick up on your enthusiasm. A gradual and patient shift is always preferable. Use nutritious toppings like a raw egg or sardines as another quick option. It’s also useful to keep in mind that some dogs like to eat the raw food at room temperature, some dogs like to eat it half frozen (crunchy) and others like it cold. Explore and see what your dog's preferences are.

7. How Do I Store Raw Dog Food?

Prior to feeding, raw meat should be stored in the freezer and thoroughly defrosted in a fridge on the bottom shelf. Basic hygiene should be followed in the same way that raw meat for human consumption is. After feeding your dog, thoroughly wash your hands, and immediately wash all surfaces and bowls. Refrigerate any remaining food and do not refreeze defrosted food. Remember that once defrosted food should be fed to your pet within 24 hours. 

8. Can I Combine Raw And Dry Foods?

If you are feeding your dog, raw food due to allergies, skin issues, digestive issue or just want to ensure the best health for your pet, then kibble would not be the best. We would recommend an all raw diet.

9. What Is The Quality Of Your Formulas?

Our raw dog food formulas are made with USDA inspected and approved human-grade ingredients. Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co. contains no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no dyes, & no by-products. Our food is made to be natural with raw meat, fresh vegetables, and healthy grains. 

10. How Do I Know If The Food Is Safe To Feed When It Arrives?

As long as one pack is still partially frozen and all packs are cold to the touch, they're safe to feed and refreeze!

11. What If I'm Not Home When My Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Box Arrives?

No problem! Our insulation and dry ice are meant to keep your food safe and cold until at least 10pm the day of intended delivery.

12. How Do I Know How Much To Order?

We suggest feeding your dog approximately 2% – 5% of their ideal body weight daily. This is just a starting point, which you can then monitor their weight and adjust as needed. For puppies, we suggest feeding based on their predicted/ideal adult body weight, adjusting the exact amount according to how your puppy develops.

13. When Should I Reorder More Don Doggy Raw Dog Food?

We deliver every Tuesday and Friday, so we recommend you order 3 days prior to running out of dog food. If you forget and need to expedite an order, please contact us and we will always do our best to help you out. 

14. Do You Have A Minimum Delivery Amount?

Yes we do, there is a 10lb minimum order required for delivery. 

15. Where Are You Located?

Don Doggy is located Miami, Florida and we currently deliver throughout South Florida. If you want Don Doggy Raw Dog Food shipped to you and you’re outside of South Florida, please join our mailing list.

16. How Does Local Delivery Work?

Local delivery is currently available in South Florida. Deliveries are made every Tuesday and Friday from 9am-8pm. Local delivery is free for orders over $170, and $15 for all other orders.

17. What Products Do You Offer

At Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co., we offer complete & balanced raw dog food, as well as deliciously healthy snacks.