Our Story

As pet caregivers, we have been constantly challenged to provide the best quality of care and nutrition to our pets. There are multiple recommendations regarding pet nutrition. Some are science based and recommended by veterinarians, but the majority are not based on significant research. Large corporations tend to market their products as the best food that has ever been invented.

Since 2017, our founder who is an animal caregiver, an animal breeder, a biologist and an exercise physiologist has dedicated his life researching the history and physiology of animals. Diet is an essential element in maintaining pets' health without the need for frequent medical and dental interventions. Our founder developed the recipe that helped increase longevity for his animals and enhance their overall health. He focused on orthopedic development, weight, coat shine, mouth hygiene, overall temperament and stool quality. Based on history, market research and data analysis, Dondoggy Raw Dog Food was created.

We love what we do

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to give access to the best quality and most affordable human grade, fully balanced raw food diet to every pet.

Our Mission

Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co. strives to bring dog food back to the way it used to be eaten by their ancestors. Nearly a million years ago, Canis Lupus, the dogs’ ancestors were on top of the food chain with humans. Those ancestors did not eat processed food, they hunted and ate their prey raw. Dogs have been able to successfully evolve to their current state largely due to their healthy diet. This is why, we believe that feeding our pets raw food brings them back to their original natural state.

The concept of Don Doggy Raw Dog Food recipes is to Provide the best human-grade, fully balanced raw meals to every dog. We aim to make it available at an affordable price in order to help animal lovers enjoy a long lasting relationship with their healthy pets. Our products have been developed with no preservatives, colorings or harmful poisonous additives and fillers. Don Doggy Raw Dog Food aims to give everyone the opportunity to help their pets develop to their full potential. This has been the experience of our founder with his own pet family.

made in small batches

100% Human-Grade

We ensure our products' quality by using human grade, no additives, no hormones and fillers in our ingrediants. We also make sure our products are consistant by producing small batches weekly.

Our Ingredients

Our fresh raw dog food ingredients are 100% human-grade, USDA certified & locally sourced in South Florida. We prepare our raw dog food in small batches, which allows us to precisely measure, ground, mix & package every meal with the upmost care.

Our production quality standards are top tier, making us one of the best raw dog foods on the market. Our fresh dog food is prepared in 2 pound packages to make raw feeding your dog as easy as possible for you. When you feed your best friend a higher quality dog food, you'll notice the difference in their energy and overall health.

Our Delivery

Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co. currently services South Florida with home delivery raw dog food subscriptions every Tuesday & Friday.

Shipping cost for our frozen raw dog food direct to your door is FREE with all orders over $170 and just $15 for all other order sizes under that.

Only orders over 10lbs qualify for shipping. Orders are delivered to your door by our team twice a week to ensure you never run out of DonDoggy Raw Dog Food.

Our Founders

Meet the two people behind DonDoggy Raw Dog Food Co.

Taz Alamadi

CEO Founder DonDoggy Raw Dog Food Co.

BSBA Finance

Sam Softa

CFO Co Founder Dondoggy Raw Dog Food Co.

MBA Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

B.S. Exercisse Physiology

B.S. Biology

Our Team

Dr. Raja Mudad

Chief Science Officer


BS Biology

Melissa Bassett

Director of Research & Development

D.PHD Neuroscience

MS Health informatics and analytics

Mahdi Luidani

Chief Strategy Officer

MS Biomedical Science

BA Psychology

Yasmine Asfour

Director of Quality Control

BS Industrial Engineering

Christian Garay

Global Marketing Officer

Joseph Cooper

Chief Logistics Officer

Our Partners

Kappa Laboratories

Our Certified Biological Testing Lab

Accredited ISO/IEC 1702:17

Accredited Salmonella and Listeria

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Our Bloodline Used to Reasearch our raw dog food

since 2017 over 50 dogs were used to research, develop dondoggy raw dog food recipes. these dogs have been on the diet since they were puppies.

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Our Proud Marketing Team


Fineline Family K9

Our friends at Finline Family K9 provided reasearch animals that helped diversify the bloodline in contribution to our great cause

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