It’s Not Too Late To Switch Your Senior Dog To A Raw Diet

A common question that we hear from dog owners who are curious about switching their senior pet to a raw dog food diet is “Are they too old to switch?” While nutrition is never a one-size-fits-all solution, it is also never too late to switch your best friend to a raw dog food diet.
As your dog enters their golden years, it is maybe more important now than ever to feed them a diet which will help increase their energy and put a little pep in their step. The team here at Don Doggy Raw Dog Food Co. strongly believes that our unique blend of raw dog food, accompanied by some of our specialized supplements will boost your dog's energy and strengthen their immune system.
Most dogs, including senior dogs on a raw diet will be less prone to get sick and live a longer, happier life. Raw dog food is biologically appropriate, so their bodies will have an easier time breaking down and absorbing the nutrition too.
The best way to begin transitioning from dry kibble to raw dog food is to gradually mix in the raw dog food to your pet's kibble. Start week 1 by adding ¾ kibble and ¼ raw dog food, followed by week 2 with ½ raw and ½ kibble, and continue this process until your pooch is eating a full raw dog food diet. If you notice loose stool or vomiting slow the process down by adding a few extra days to the current mix percentage. It’s important to keep in mind that some dogs take a little bit longer to transition and some may transition faster.

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